Wines (Glass / Bottle)


Chardonnay 2019  $9 / $24.99
Dry (0%RS) ABV 14.9%
A French Oaked, dry white wine with flavorful hints of citrus and vanilla. 

Viognier 2019  $9 / $24.99
Dry (0%RS) ABV 12.75%    
A dry light bodied white wine with delightful aromas of tropical fruit & flavors of lemongrass, with a slightly creamy mouth feel.

Pinot Grigio 2020  $9 / $22.99
Dry (0%RS) ABV 11.95%
A dry white with crisp apple flavors.

Niagara 2020  $7 / $15.99
Sweet (6.7%RS) ABV 11.7%
A sweet white wine with intense flavors of biting into a bunch of freshly picked Niagara grapes.


Steuben 2019  $9 / $17.99
Semi-Dry (1.7%RS) ABV 12.1%
Refreshing with sweet strawberry & citrus notes and a crisp dry finish.




Syrah Reserve 2016  $12 / $39.99
Dry (0%RS) ABV 17.3%
A late harvest, unfiltered premium red wine reminiscent of a port-like aperitif with dark fruit flavors and spices.

Tribute 2017  $9 / $25.99
Dry (0%RS) ABV 12.1%      
This mild structured red blend presents pleasant flavors of cherries and plum, with a soft tannin finish.

Bohemian Red 2017  $9  / $24.99
Dry (0%RS) ABV 12.4%
A blend of Syrah, Malbec and Frontenac that exudes scents and flavors of blackberries, plums, black cherries, licorice and black pepper. 

Cabernet Franc 2017  $9 / $24.99
Dry (0%RS) ABV 13.6%
A medium-bodied red with flavors of black currants, raspberries, and hints of plum with a finish of oak and black pepper.

Fredonia 2020  $7 / $15.99
Sweet (4.2%RS) ABV 12.1%
A sweet rosé with a beautiful floral nose and intense grape flavors.

Concord 2020  $7 / $15.99
Sweet (7.5%RS) ABV 10.9%
One of the most widely planted grapes on the East Coast and a grape juice for adults!


RS- Residual Sugar       ABV- Alcohol by Volume

Wine Flight (Pick 4 wines/slushies) $12 

Wine Slushy $10

Red Sangria  |  White Sangria (Only available inside)  |  Sangria Swirl  |  Spiced Santa (Mulled wine flavor)

Beers $6

Dogfish 60 Minute IPA  |  Dogfish Namaste Belgium Ale  |  Crooked Hammock South to Somewhere 

Block of Cheese w/a Sleeve of Crackers $9

Old Bay Cheddar  |  Smoked Cheddar  |   Bruschetta Cheddar  |   Colby 

Chocolate Sampler $10 

Glass of 100% Pure Juice $6 (Bottles to take home $9.99)

Steuben  |  Concord  |  Diamond 

Misc. Beverage $1

Pepsi  |   Diet Pepsi  |  Sprite  |  Bottle of Water

Misc. Items

  • Keepsake Reusable Bucket w/Ice $5
  • Bucket Refill $1
  • Cup of Ice .25¢ 
  • Large Keepsake Wine Glass $10
  • Small Keepsake Tasting Glass $5 
  • Sleeve of Crackers .50¢
  • White Sangria Wine Slushy Mix $12
  • Red Sangria Wine Slushy Mix $12 


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Yard seating: Self service. Please practice social distancing and wear masks when ordering from inside the tasting room and/or when open, the outside patio bar. We are doing our best to create an enjoyable atmosphere while following the required guidelines for the state. We truly appreciate you being patient, courteous, and understanding while adhering to these unusual circumstances.