At Salted Vines Vineyard & Winery, we carry a wide array of wines from dry to sweet, in red, white & blush.  At any one time, we typically will have ten to fourteen different varieties on our menu.  There's something for everyone's palate! The list below is what we are currently serving in our tasting room.* 



Wine tasting $25

Wine tasting includes a 0.5 oz. pour of our entire selection of wines. A personal wine tender will take you through this journey providing information on our wines. You will also receive pretzels to cleanse your palate and a commemorative tasting glass.

Wines (Glass / Bottle)


Chardonnay 2021  $10 / $24.99
Dry (0%RS) ABV 12.2%
A light bodied, medium French oaked wine, with overtones of lemon and citrus. Enjoy, a hint of vanilla that brings balance to the soft tannin structure of the wine.

Viognier 2021  $10 / $24.99
Dry (0%RS) ABV 11.4%
A dry, light bodied white with delightful aromas of tropical fruit and flavors of gentle lemongrass with a slightly creamy mouthfeel.

Vermentino 2021 **Estate Wine**  $10 / $24.99
Dry (0%RS) ABV 12%
A floral bouquet on the nose, engulfed with white stone fruit & an almond palate. 

Reflections 2021  $10 / $22.99
Semi-Dry (2.1%RS) ABV 11.3%
Flavors of citrus and spice, followed by a smooth, crisp, dry finish. 

Riesling 2020  $10 / $24.99
Semi-Dry (4%RS) ABV 14%
Classically styled with crisp, mouth-filling, and long-lasting flavors of apricots, nectarines, and honey. 

Niagara 2020  $10 / $16.99
Sweet (4.9%RS) ABV 10.7%
A sweet white wine with intense flavors of biting into a bunch of freshly picked Niagara grapes.


Cabernet Franc Rosé $10 /$24.99
Dry (0% RS) - ABV 12.55%
Light colored, Provence styled dry rose. Floral nose with a bright tropical fruit palate & balanced acidity.

Steuben 2021 $10 / $18.99
Semi-Dry (2% RS) - ABV 10%
Refreshing with sweet strawberry & citrus notes and a crisp dry finish.

Lower Slower Delaware 2021 $10 / $18.99
Sweet (5.8% RS) - ABV 13%
A sweet blush wine made from the Delaware grape. Enjoy flavors of juicy grapes and notes of citrus. 

Lauren's a Peach $10 / $22.99
Sweet (5% RS) - ABV 11.3%
A whimsical take on peach wine. Please enjoy the delightful notes of peach with a slight citrus finish. Perfect for summertime!


Malbec 2019  $10 / $29.99
Dry (0%RS) ABV 14.7% 
A smooth, full-bodied, red wine with notes of juicy plums and black pepper, and undertones of French Oak.

Cabernet Sauvignon  $10 / $29.99 
Dry (0%RS) ABV 14.2%
A medium bodied dry red wine with smoky, toasted aromas and flavors of juicy dark fruits and plum with a hint of tobacco.

Blackwater Red 2020 $10 / $26.99 
Dry (0%RS) ABV 13.6%
A balanced fusion of Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc with a kiss of French Oak. An intense red magnified with flavors of black cherry, currants and ripe plum.

Ambrosia 2021 $10 / $23.99
Semi-Dry (2.95%RS) ABV 11.4%
A blend of Chambourcin & Fredonia grapes with flavors of dark fruits, berries, and a smooth finish with hints of pepper.

Fredonia 2021  $10 / $16.99
Sweet (5.5%RS) ABV 11.6%
A sweet rosé with a beautiful floral nose and intense grape flavors.

High Tide 2021 $10 / $25.99
Sweet (3.8%RS) ABV 18%
As a dessert styled wine, it can be enjoyed by itself or pairing with chocolate, strong cheeses or a nice cigar!

RS- Residual Sugar       ABV- Alcohol by Volume

Wine Flight 

Wine flight includes a 2 oz pour of four wines.

Red, White or Slushy $17

Build Your Own $20


Wine Slushy $11

Red Sangria

White Sangria  

Sangria Swirl   

Drink of the month $12

Peach Bellini


Dogfish Head Blu Hen Pilsner (4.8% ABV)

Dogfish Head Slightly Mighty Lo-Cal IPA (4% ABV)


Dogfish Head Blood Orange & Mango Vodka Crush (7% ABV)

Dogfish Strawberry & Honeyberry Vodka Lemonade (7% ABV)

Glass of 100% Pure Juice $6 (Bottles to take home $12.99)

 Concord - Red  |  Cherry 

Misc. BeverageS

Pepsi  |   Diet Pepsi  |  Sprite -  $2

Bottle of Water - $1.50

Misc. Items

  • Large Keepsake Wine Glass $10
  • Small Keepsake Tasting Glass $5 


Tables are filled on a walk-in, first come first serve basis. Please place your menu orders from our friendly staff members at our inside service bar(s) and when open, the outside patio bar. Please be courteous of other guests and clean up tables used before leaving and do not move tables.