Warm and inviting. Elegant yet cozy. That’s the vibe you’ll get here in the Salted Vines Tasting Room. Every part of the decor was carefully considered and most of it was built or put in place by the owners or someone on the SV team, from the hand-poured concrete countertops to staining each piece of wood on the pallet wall. Warm lights glow from our cage pendant lights, fabulous chandelier, and VINO sign. During the chillier months, you can warm up and with a glass of wine by the stone fireplace. We hope you enjoy the atmosphere we have created here at Salted Vines and encourage you to make yourself at home.

Our Tasting Room is open daily for tastings. At any one time, we typically have anywhere from ten to fourteen different wines on our menu and our tastings include a sample of each! During your tasting, your wine tender will take you on a wine exploration of dry to sweet varieties of white, blush, and red wines, including some background on our winery and suggesting food pairings for our wines. As a keepsake, you get to take home one of our signature Salted Vines tasting glasses.

For more information about our wine tasting and visiting Salted Vines, check out our Plan Your Visit page. It’s filled with lots of great information, including how to plan a group tasting or Ultimate Party Package.